Disney depression

This is the future. Damn. I know it doesn’t have to be this way, but for now it looks like it. If I’d have a future seeing shaft like the one in Tomorrowland i know I’ll spot John Company through it.

We’re living in a pretty schizoid world. We are split between imagination and fantasy and fail to acknowledge reality. Often we refuse it at any cost.

Capitalism and democracy are two amazing philosophies. The first allowed the rich to guard their wealth but enabled the poor to dream. The latter allowed the elite to rule freely but enabled the plebeians to vent. Dreaming and venting, the bread and circus of post modern society.

We dream that we could be masters of our own domain, and go work in the on demand economy, failing to recognize that we weld ourselves to an automated rating system, rating us: humans. We vent about everything not “disrupted” yet, and fail to protect decades of progress in social protection, legal boundaries and economic theory failures. This combo goes on and on in any area, from politics to sex. Dream of porn, vent on the opposite gender. Dream of welfare states, vent on taxes. We fail to make connections and we’re kept from generation to generation into this pudding of the mind: existential angst.

All things considered, in fifty to one hundred years John Company will be the building block sustaining the quality lifestyle of the ones who win the genetic lottery: get born in the right privilege.

But it will be O.K. We’ll have fully accepted this by then, calmed out demons and wait out our lives happily ever after.

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