Being cool is heavy

Actually being cool is not light is heavy. You have to do stuff over and over again and with every new addition to the list you are cooler.

You might have an unbearable lightness of being spiritually evolved, in a new age sense, which is also a variant of cool. In this option the less you repeat the better you will be regarded, you’ll be “cooler” and seen as evolving.

You might have the unbearable lightness of being a working nomad. Did you see those to “can work anywhere” and have “visited 7892364 countries in one ear”? Each experience is a new experience and it only happens once. From this comes lightness.

But if you are stuck in your beloved city trying to compete on the coolness show then Nietzsche did hit the nail on its head: everything you do adds an unbearable heaviness to your future by your varying coolness factor.

What do you mean you have spent a whole weekend doing nothing?

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