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  • The day I will become a millionaire

    You’ve likely already found or at least seen the very best things (whether you know it or not). Make them count. I’ve always wondered about the use of this information. DHH is not the first nor the last, as he himself says, to somehow disseminate this information “through clever or modest-profound” ways. Why do rich people feel the […]

  • I didn’t learn how to apply

    “Stop learning. Start applying”, wow, lovely article. I so want to apply the advice to apply. But i didn’t learn how to apply. In all seriousness, i do not know how to apply what i learn. Currently life is all focused on knowing, knowing from learning. I am a receptacle of information from dawn till […]

  • Thank you and here is some gratitude

    I confess, my expectations kicked me in the butt again: i thought I’d see a shower of thank you’s in the responses. Instead naysayers. So here is a big thank you and a tap on the shoulder saying “you tried to solve a really hard problem, not bad” First, only these types of experiences can crystallize […]

  • All success is overnight, because it is random

    Why don’t people admit that when it comes to success it is luck first and then everything else: acumen, work, grit, intelligence anything comes right after luck. There are so many people who make it and then spread this idea that through hard work anything is possible. That everyone smart, determined and hard working enough […]

  • Being cool is heavy

    Actually being cool is not light is heavy. You have to do stuff over and over again and with every new addition to the list you are cooler. You might have an unbearable lightness of being spiritually evolved, in a new age sense, which is also a variant of cool. In this option the less […]