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  • I dislike Material UI

    … because it makes all the Internet look like a Google property. I dislike React because it keeps the Facebook/Meta brands in our top of mind. I dislike all the weird ways in which corporations and their psychotic projections (branding) invade every living moment of our feeble existence. There are so many projects supported by […]

  • The 14 Forms Of People

    The checkbox people I am one. Has a list, must check it all. The radio button people They find one aspect of life and identify completely with it. The textarea people I’d like to be one of these. The interesting ones but also potentially boring folk. The text input people They’re very good at oneliners. The dropdown select people Like […]

  • Are web developers any good in times of war?

    Does CSS have any worth for an army officer? I personally guess not, from the front end we’ll end up directly on the front! If all your skills are about HTML and CSS you future might be bleak. Maybe some colonel will want a personal website, i don’t know like a thumbnail gallery of AK […]

  • Coding shall be another solved problem

    What will be to [web] development what the phone was to photography? Machine Learning Lauren Mendoza said it right in her Coding is over rant. But because she has the beginner’s view all over her sentences everyone got so so so mad. The problem why coding is over is not CRUD, frameworks, CMS’s or because […]

  • Medium updated publications with common sense features, touts them as powerful upgrades

    It’s so funny: a navigation bar! Links to stories! Use stories as static pages, wow! Writer profiles 🙂 And wow, check this out: Starting today, you’ll be able to customize the URL slug of your publication’s stories on Medium. Slugs serve as a strong signal in SEO, so you’ll be able to control what you optimize […]

  • Tech recruitment works like figure skating competitions

    And it sucks. Here is why. First you must do the arbitrary sport exercises, which have very little to do with actual skating: a lot of jumping, twisted jumping, jumping on one leg, jumping on the other leg, grab a person and throw it in the air, you know, like all these things which do […]

  • I hate bacon, kill me.

    Lately i keep seeing articles like the one linked here. This idea that we developers like to promote, that its all havoc and mess (like this article itself is) does two things, perfectly well: keeps people off this industry as a career option makes everyone else think we’re simply lucky that the first ones want […]

  • A skill scale for developers

    An unruly take on the notion of performance In building this scale of skill, the units I am considering are as follows: Amount of effort — the quantity of individual time (based on a pondering coefficient) that the person is spending on the test task. Outcome — how much procentually did the person accomplish from the assignment. Cadence — how often […]

  • Project zombification, the business of the walking dead

    office zombies that draw the energy and passion of your team Here are a number of situations in which the essence of projects is killed. The result transforms projects into real office zombies that consume the energy and passion of, otherwise, talented and creative designers, developers, managers and entrepreneurs. Zombification of a project occurs when a […]