The 14 Forms Of People

The checkbox people

I am one. Has a list, must check it all.

The radio button people

They find one aspect of life and identify completely with it.

The textarea people

I’d like to be one of these. The interesting ones but also potentially boring folk.

The text input people

They’re very good at oneliners.

The dropdown select people

Like the radio button people, but introverted.

The multiple dropdown select people

They appear to have options, but they’re all in the same box.

The button people

Your vegan activist which activates only when something clicks.

The slider people

They appear to be easily dragged around, but only in the one way they want.

The label people

Despite being annoying, they’re quite necessary.

The fieldset people

Natural born managers, don’t do much other than keep the flock packed.

The optgroup people

Like the fieldset people, but less lucky in life.

The legend people

The do all the work of the fieldset people.

The keygen people

The folk who know the friends of your friends beter than you know your friends.

The output people

They write useless content all over your Internets.