A Transcendent Drone

When I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of becoming someone important. As a grownup, sure, that looks superficial and completely ill defined, but when you’re eight and bored taking a bath, there is nothing better and sweeter than broad ill defined dreams. It was one of those times when this rebel thought started livingContinue reading “A Transcendent Drone”


The day You can’t even imagine, am I right? You can’t even think for one second that you did anything wrong … It is as if there are plains of silence floating above some deep white thick warm clouds which hover on top of one another. You know this is the right thing. I mean, whoContinue reading “Plan”

My language

A white rose smells like living. I breathe it in to remind myself what it is to be missed from this dense embrace of Right-here-right-now. A red rose looks like lure. I stare at it so that the fire in me sees it and tries to imitate it. Monkey see, monkey do can be usedContinue reading “My language”

Potential expectation

Seriously, I expected a lot more from life. I had the mind of a child who dreamt with a super solid confidence about the future. The future. It is something which I believe has potential. That, potential, is what fascinated me from day one. All that could be. That is potential. All that could be!Continue reading “Potential expectation”