Tag: Relationships

  • Work division and romance

    I think that if we were to choose the greatest breaker of romantic relationships is applying work division principles to chores. If you’re after the increase of efficienciencies while playing house, you will get either one of divorce, therapy or a dysfunctional family — given the exception where both parties are high functioning sociopaths. When playing house efficiencies […]

  • Lying is an act, deceit is an intent

    Yeah, another misconception about a common human thing: The act, any act, cannot be immoral by itself until it is merged with intent. That is why we don’t apply moral standards to animals. Wikipedia is so wrong here. Lying can be done without the intention to deceit. In brief, lying is a form of manipulation and […]

  • Advice, Like News, Wasted In Your Feed

    “Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” Here is some advice. I don’t know better than you, and I did not achieve the art of following my own advice. […]

  • There is no such thing as nature versus nurture

    The grand canyon of reflexive beings So I wanted to comment on the highlight above, but then this comment thing got my attention: There is also no evolutionary purpose to the in love feeling lasting longer than it takes to produce offspring, Sara Lynn Michener said in her article. And raise them, and provide for them, and […]

  • Fun with concepts: love

    Lovers are those two providential meetings between two musicians who have a blast. I remember one of our local greatest artists, Gyuri Pascu, was once telling a story how once he had a jam with a female singer, and they sang so well, eye to eye contact, perfect pitch, unison chorus, that he realized that […]

  • What is love? Baby don’t hurt me!

    The thing is love does not solve problems. Love makes life worth living, that’s it. Love doesn’t solve anything. Being in love, feeling love towards something, for something or someone, is not an indicator of compatibility. Love does not solve relationships. As thick as it may sound, relationships have nothing to do with love and […]