How to make better decisions:

Why does Warren Buffet live in the same house he bought in 1958, despite his wealth? Why did Mark Zuckerberg buy all the houses around his property? Why did Bill Gates build himself the uber- home? Why did Richard Branson buy an island? Long story, short Your environment is decisive on the decisions you make. The… Continue reading How to make better decisions:

Work Life Balance Takes Work And Life To Make “Balance”

Are you thinking about having it all? You know, a baby, a spouse, a multi million dollar golden parachute crowning your executive level career, yearly vacation time, healthy eating, exercise, sex, spirituality and philosophical musings about the amazement of existing? That’s not even an exhaustive list. You know the exhaustive list is infinite, don’t you?… Continue reading Work Life Balance Takes Work And Life To Make “Balance”

Can an atheist love?

Like — romantically love, not love for ideas or love for lovely knitting. Well, I agree, that question alone is worth some random number of foul words and bad manners … Go ahead, say them, act them — … Did you? I hope so. So now that you feel so much better, let me appeal to your higher nature, which… Continue reading Can an atheist love?