Tag: Communication

  • My language

    A white rose smells like living. I breathe it in to remind myself what it is to be missed from this dense embrace of Right-here-right-now. A red rose looks like lure. I stare at it so that the fire in me sees it and tries to imitate it. Monkey see, monkey do can be used […]

  • Thou shall not know thyself

    The religious knot I had no idea until yesterday there is such a thing called “religious trauma syndrome”. I am going trough it and had no idea it existed. Damn, life is interesting sometimes. However, with no name to name it I had my thoughts about the thing. Talking and writing appears to be best […]

  • Does apple need a PR and communication upgrade?

    Professionally I think so, rationally … well we’re still buying it. See that photo above? Its the weight of expectation on the guy’s back, way too much to carry for an entire WWDC conference. So, first of all I realize this current situation in which Apple basks and talks to us from works well and they don’t […]