Does apple need a PR and communication upgrade?

Professionally I think so, rationally … well we’re still buying it.

See that photo above? Its the weight of expectation on the guy’s back, way too much to carry for an entire WWDC conference.

So, first of all I realize this current situation in which Apple basks and talks to us from works well and they don’t have any fire burning. However, watching the WWDC stuff and the reactions from the live coverages and Twitter, I have to say the press is not that good: people continuously make fun, journalists are conservative at their best and fanboys cannot be heard.

Main complaint: the new things. They are not that new. But, to be fair, what do we expect? Its only a few years since large touch screens got in. People need disruptors to find innovation, not some sluggish corporation that has to battle everyone (e.g. MSFT, GOOG) for every cent won in stock price increase. Innovation is not a priority, stealing momentum and market share of others is a priority.

Second complaint: the communication style. How can you, as a communicator, expect positive reactions, when you prefix every single little new icon you showcase with ‘it’s great!’. They are inviting you to say, ‘No it’s not!’, not just because of the repetitive and infinite annoyance, but because some things are puny and little (like, a link to a mail attachment … amazing!)

Then its the dress code: this is turning into a military style code. The big guy has the black shirt, the other guy has the blue one. Where does this martial idea come from?

Fourth — the pride. This is my personal problem, while pride definitely gives you a boost of energy, a trembling voice announcing how good you’re doing is a serious personality issue: you’re too big for your own good. And right now, I feel, Apple has this personality issue, along with that top management members who were talking on that stage today.

I know that ultimately if you are trapped, like me, in this ecosystem you will let everything slide, but even so, just looking at how they bash Google and Microsoft gives me the creeps: this is corporate bullying, which while being very american its also very not cool. Why? Because Apple seems to know better what Google’s and Microsoft’s problems are, better than Google and Microsoft themselves, which dare I say is a dirty advertising and marketing shenanigan; also making fun of Windows is just not funny anymore, just the same as showcasing the 9% adoption of the latest Android: this is a bad joke when you’re talking to a platform appealing to way more than the rich, fancy, trendy, cool fanboy (myself included, thank you) folks who shell out the cash for the Apple logo they desperately need to get.

On a personal note, regarding all these new things — including “continuity”, I’m really not sure they will help me at all: neither to work better, nor to have more fun. It is simply — after the trapped in experience that came with iOS 7 — an update I’ll skip. Hell, probably my iPad 4 oldie won’t even breathe with all the polling or pushing happening for that continuity stuff to work.

Will “the masses” be more appealed by what mr. Cook showcased today? No, because the masses are only appealed by new devices. And they at Apple know this very well, so we’ll have to wait and see how more thin and light they’ll make the next device line, how many colors they’ll add in and wether or not they will put out a wearable device: which is what continuity is for anyway.

My 2 cents — transmission out.