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  • The four words advice

    Most business advice is crap and i bet you must of thought that at some point too. If you are like me and you follow with pursuit almost any new information coming from sources such as TechCrunch, 37Signals and the likes, then you must have read already a dozen articles on how to do and how […]

  • You better workbench!

    So, here is the point You can be a tribal citizen of the planet, one who has just been on the Internet for a couple of hours and I bet you’ll have learned this: success is not a straight line, mediocrity is. There are countless stories from ancient leaders, to modern self made industrialists, which you […]

  • Deadline Dread

    There are three types of deadlines: rational deadlines, abstract deadlines and real deadlines. Too often lately “agile” has become either an excuse or a “solution” for deadline phobia. Because things cannot be endlessly fiddled with, generally any stakeholder involved in the development process will, at some point, require something done in a certain timeframe. One […]