Technocracy is bullshit. 

Any decent engineer will have had at least once the experience of being “managed” into submission. Why? Because for the people at the top your amazing intellect does not offer any right – it’s a cost.

A deal you take or pass. There is no technocracy. There is oligarchy with engineering puppets.
Poor smart people. Always the tools of the rich. Ever since true knowledge ceased to be power practical intelligence became the gigolo and whore of emotional intelligence. And no one is better at emotional intelligence than those which have no emotions – our ruling psychopaths. 

Have you noticed how we were taught from infancy that the smart people can’t communicate? It’s such a concerted effort. Crazy scientist. Why did Einstein had to have that hair style, beats me. But it sure reinforces the stereotype. 

There is no technocracy possible simply because the medium of technology is still social and anthropogenic. Tech would rule on robots. Humans with limited lifespans and hunger guiding immediate thoughts are worst candidates for technocratic rule. Plus the  psychopaths. 

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