Master is dead, long live the master

Putin may be a war criminal KGB asshole but this is 1000% spot on:

“[The western powers are] accustomed to living at the expense of others. And they still cannot get rid of this paradigm in their practical daily politics,”

As a citizen of Eastern Europe who lives in a country asked today for “sacrifices” for countries who were afraid to let us in, mocked and marginalised us for 30 years, I cannot but fully subscribe to this (out of context) view.

There was not one single step of Romania’s European integration which did not need wholesale giveaways of this country’s common wealth: oil, telecom, steel, infrastructure, access, water, soil! and all of them along with the endless suffocating “terms and conditions”.

And no, I am no Eurosceptic. The future is unified. Go federal Europe.

I just think corruption at the highest level in the US and the EU is rooted in the smugness, pride and ruthless greed of historical theft via force and political occupation.

I don’t even think western powers are special. For instance Greece had it ever got the chance at better historical circumstances would have done the same. Turkey did the same. Russia, ha! Just check Tass.

But to support what the propaganda proposes means to be deaf to the screams of those suffering because your master is worse than their master, to be blind that you still have a master and to be speechless to the increasing injustice which the children alive today will face alone.

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