Tenets for long term

The future is decentralized.

Central authority will never be as good as self directing autonomous systems that can be remotely adjusted. The decentralized pattern will always win, but we’ll constantly have the centralisation bubble to burst. The central – local boom bust play is a feature of technology.

But the future, at large, is decentralized. Autonomous AI, for the internet of things, for incoming robots, for small apps that do local ML and AI tasks, they’re alredy here. And the same is true for communication. Small focused networks are the future. Even Facebook knows it. The goal is to be the one that organizes the decentralized system, not to centralize.

To prepare for the future aim at creating small, self sustaining, autonomous networks.

Sharing is unbeatable.

Anything that produces outstanding content is not fulfilling anything if the thing results in niche distribution. And nothing in the land of planned distribution can possible beat the virality enabled by sharing. Sharing is an immitation of natural processes from viruses to gene transmission in reproduction. Can’t beat that because it is the simplest most efficient thing. That is what we learn from nature.

Sharing will empower the small networks to express on their surface the hits, the success stories, their identification calls, their signals to other small networks, all without the need for coordination. Any system that does not have good sharing mechanisms eventually falls into irrelevance, which in terms of communication is death.

Capture is the cornerstone.

Captured audiences are the decenralized exclusive option to handle distribution. If you can’t notify you can’t attract. Capture is the means in which the small sharing networks can change their close by environment to signal their output. These signals are the picked up. Again a natural system which is the simples most efficient thing that works.

Without capture it’s all a void. Without the built in ability to signal interest and the ability to signal potential nothing exists.

Monetization is survival.

This is beyond biology. It’s thermodynamics. A small sharing network with a captured signal pool can only survive if it does not get more output than inout. Monetisation is not about getting paid exclusively. It is also about attracting contributions, participation, engagement, syndication, derrivative work and so on.

The systems need to have native support for monetisation variants to enable the networks they build to be long lasting, and not instantly decomposing attempts.

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