In a future without ownership:

be careful what you wish for, it might just come true

  • If that future it is not socialist, will we be slaves of wages?
  • In that future, if it is too socialist, will capitalism succumb to failed centralised economies?
  • When I won’t own anything what property will my constitution guarantee?
  • In the business of perpetual renting for ethical capitalism isn’t recycling mandatory and 100% coverage of parts guaranteed? Should be, otherwise we’ll be evicted from the planet by our own trash.
  • What is forbidden from being offered up for rent?
  • What is forbidden from being owned?
  • When ownership is banished how will social mobility still be possible?
  • Will all infrastructure be not for profit? Because a services economy has prices directly tied to infrastructure, right?
  • What will I inherit? Contracts? Advance payments to Netflix? Vouchers?
  • A full services only economy has many abstract layers of invisible workers resulting in an oblivious public opinion. How can society prevent abuse?
  • Is libertarianism even compatible with a sharing economy?
  • Is it even progressivist to build an economy based on renting everything?
  • Without privacy and property what will theft be?
  • Without privacy and property what will a physical person be?

MINE. This I think is one of the first things a child will say. MAMA, DADA, MINE. No child, no, nothing is YOURS. Except the credit.