The dollhouse life

This is why we can’t have beautiful things

Every four years we get elections. Every once in a while we have some technological break through. Every week or so I get into some argument about normality and people call me a socialist.

I am not a socialist, I am a person striving for complete individualization, so socialism is a mood killer for me. But at the same time, this accommodation to the doll house is killing my spirit, so my mood gets second place.

My wife and I have this saying:

Humans get used to anything.

Our adaptability is never ending, and this will be our doom.

Where is the grand scheme? Where is the end goal?

We inherited a future-less world from our religious perspective on existence and we’re paralyzed in it. Stuck in a mode where we only look for immediate solutions to near problems, because, hey, God takes care of the far future, His Kingdom shall come, Allah shall save us all, Brahma will eventually wake up.

Except that we’re all alone in this dark void place governed by impossible. What if problems will not take care of themselves? Why do we always look for happy endings, even when it only means one more delayed crisis?

Here is the future I want:

  • I never want to work for a wage, but to work for self growth
  • I want be free of shame for rapture
  • I don’t want to pay for basic existence
  • I want the notion of basic existence to be upgraded every year
  • I want to have 80% free time and 20% busy time
  • I want to have complete geographical mobility
  • I want social mobility to be seen as a retarded primitive caste system
  • I want my children to not take on loans
  • I want my children to not be trapped in value extraction systems
  • I want to live as long as biologically possible and more if possible
  • I want a world free of superstition
  • I want a world devoid of arbitrary morality
  • I want a world with no incarceration
  • I want a world where all people understand both philosophy and math
  • I want everything and I believe the world owes me a good life

Is this socialist or leftist? Isn’t this normal human desire or life, joy, happiness and unbridled existence? Why do we focus on how to end this next war?

I often wonder, maybe it’s just me, where are we going and what are we doing to get there? I feel so distanced from this army of powerful people who stir our collective ship.

It’s called a life of struggle by those who don’t struggle!