Freedom does not mean deregulation

I think this sums up the whole problem in several aspects of our global society:

  • finance — regulations are the missing ingredient that spoiled the whole industry with unpunished theft
  • commerce — regulations are the missing barriers that allow crappy products to put solid businesses out of business on price wars
  • movement — regulations on the movement of people is the biggest demagogy I’ve ever seen, it is like if I lock the door to my house I keep someone’s free movement right at bay.
  • work — exporting jobs and importing low paid workers cannot work on the long run. At some point, you’ll either have an upper class made entirely of natives, which the immigrants will rise against, or you’ll have a hotchpotch of unhappy humans which don’t even speak the same language. Manage that.
  • science — look at the hell of molding results to get published to get funding because unregulated money flow.
  • business— why do we take so long to notice new unregulated life threatening industries, such as online tourism platforms disguised as renting websites.
  • employment — removing worker safety regulations is not a pro business move, it is a life threatening decision at government level

I could go on and on and on.

As you can see, guarding freedom means taking all the measures so that individual action is unrestricted, but leading nations and even smaller groups of people is the task of preventing the freedom of some cramping the freedom of everyone. That is what regulation is for.

Why don’t we deregulate car traffic? Everyone should be free to drive how they want, where they want, in any direction they want …

We can always apply the liberal perspective and filters to regulations, carefully craft them, but removing them altogether is definitely a bad idea because it is akin to expecting everyone to know everything, and we know that nobody knows anything.