I don’t like nihilism because it is not profitable

I find nihilism to be funny. Really, I mean there is nothing, nothing funnier than staring into the void, and noticing the look on the void’s face, while it’s staring back at you:

Because that’s how I see us humans, being in such a way that any eternal and motionless entity observing us thinks we’re full of shit, shallow creatures monkeying around, even though we exist for a blip. Each one of us has a blip to make a mark and instead we make faces in the mirror or we do posturing at each other.

We humans like to think great things about ourselves but we are mesmerized by glitter.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

This guy painted the above, Gauguin, after moving from the highly organized France of his time to the basic society of Tahiti. He found paradise first in Martinique and then paradise pulled him back, despite his attempts to return to “civilization”. He painted the above after mismanaging his assets so badly that he got bankrupt. Can you feel what it means?

Mutiny on the bounty

Those folks found paradise and some guy “invested” by “the crown” insisted on them leaving it and going back to their previous fish smelling, rainy, dirty lives. They revolted. Can you see the stupidity of it all?

The above two examples show how we’re meant and made for rather simple lives. Humans are fur-less tropical creatures, lazy by nature, loving water and sex.

Nihilism erases these basic truths about us humans. We like to make something out of some other thing, because of our big brains. What went wrong is how we equated preexisting stuff with nothing. Just like we call “primitive” the people who live the perfect life, we assume that everything that is not man made doesn’t exist. Nature becomes a disorderly mess needing us to make it into a thing. This confusion birthed nihilism. There is no such thing as “nothing”. The void, the actual real space void, is filled with motion and activity, so much of them that we need correction upon correction in our maths to make sense of it.

I said nihilism is not profitable. You cannot indeed make anything out of noting. Even in the Genesis, God almighty as he’s supposed to be, made something out of preexisting stuff: the word! It is easy to notice afterward how every step of creation obtained profit: it was more than the sum of its parts, and perhaps this is what makes man divine, the ability to make more than what the sum of parts gives, maybe that is what it means to “create” versus to “make”.

I am so sorry we die so fast for the size of our brains, because what Aubrey de Grey calls the pro-ageing trance drugs our creativity into subversiveness. Look at this commercial:

That is all this mess, the pile of humans we need to climb on to look at the mysteries: do you know what you see? You see the people you are standing on, the pile upside down. That’s all there is, but it is not nothing, it is us and we’re something.