Fundamental values

  • respect for or divination of ancestors (religious values)
  • natural order (official history)
  • binary systems
  • the eventual apogee
  • hiding “the dark horse”
  • status
  • roles
  • optimising instead of replacing, like you said

I could go on forever. Basically things which are concepts directly derived by the human experience of an aware being in full contact with an often hostile sometimes welcoming environment.

I believe it should be obvious that neither can live without the other in the long term.

But we sure do try.

Never mind whether they’re conservatives or liberals, they define their values to justify, legitimate, explain their fundamental position. They are post fact, always adapted, always negotiated.

No. 🙂 I don’t give two cents to hypocrites, to political opportunists. They are a tiny fraction of humanity. Across the spectrum most of the people are at a phase of their experience when they actually, seriously believe these values.

That is the reason reconciliation is not up for negotiation.