Tag: Project Management

  • Project zombification, the business of the walking dead

    office zombies that draw the energy and passion of your team Here are a number of situations in which the essence of projects is killed. The result transforms projects into real office zombies that consume the energy and passion of, otherwise, talented and creative designers, developers, managers and entrepreneurs. Zombification of a project occurs when a […]

  • Don’t run out of money

    Iced budgets are better than ice cream Walking on water and working by specification are possible if both are frozen. Edward V. Berard True but add frozen budgeting to the mix. In spending money, like in all the other areas of a project, you will find unexpected situations, situations that don’t conform to the original plan. When you […]

  • Deadline Dread

    There are three types of deadlines: rational deadlines, abstract deadlines and real deadlines. Too often lately “agile” has become either an excuse or a “solution” for deadline phobia. Because things cannot be endlessly fiddled with, generally any stakeholder involved in the development process will, at some point, require something done in a certain timeframe. One […]