Tag: Motivation

  • Look! Unicorns and rainbows! Fuck off.

    I am sorry Dolly Parton, but I hate these shitty life affirming, positive and empowering bullshit phrases: I hate them because they make things far worse than better. The problem with the rainbow is that it is an illusion, a special effect. You cannot rip the rainbow from the sky and put it in a […]

  • 12 things to remember daily

    Just an exercise in list making: 1. You are a special and unique person Not a special and unique human. No. There is probably at least one other like you and your genes are pretty common. So are your features, nothing here makes you special or unique. But you are special as a person. Your personality, […]

  • If there’s a will, there’s a way

    God, I’m so tired of being told this  Of course, i know, we’re all haunted since childhood by this puny little saying which became a proverb, then an axiom of personal development and today a shiny little glimmer of common folk’s simple wisdom – and its annoying. So, can we revisit in a couple of […]