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  • Medium feels worse than blogging

    ​I’m finding it harder and harder to write on Medium. First of all, apparently I currently write only for a few members of Medium.com, which I could name by heart if I wanted to, and that’s actually a problem because I shouldn’t know their names, because I have over 2000 followers. Yet, the more followers I […]

  • “An editor can publish a story, but if nobody shares it, it might as well never have been written.”

    In case you wonder about those stats: “readers are the new publishers” A Medium user can publish a story, a medium publication can publish a story, but if nobody shares it, it might as well never have been written. This is how it works folks. Because we rely on humans. Can’t we make machines do the […]

  • Medium changes course again

    In May 2015 Ev explained to us what Medium is not: to which I’ve written a rather large piece as a response: Now Ev explains in a nice PR-ish language how the media and advertising marriage made in hell didn’t let the shiny new young platform join the party. You gotta wonder about the whole […]

  • Paid Membership Is Tricky

    Dear Your Friends @ Medium, Your beautiful membership icon is pretty much invisible and that made me open three consecutive articles in my feed, all asking for five bucks. I love the fact that I can pay folks for their work but my experience should be a bit better than finding locked posts behind three […]

  • On finding an audience

    This nudging speed is driving me nuts I do internet stuff for sixteen years. Like crafting I mean. With a lot of lucky stumbles I got to be involved in really big online enterprises. I know the marketing and the content management, I know the reach and the workflow building, I know a lot of things, […]

  • Social media hurts

    Is Medium a social media platform? I guess. I mean, sure we’re not called friends but hey, we spill our guts here and there are faceless but kind folk to spill back their guts, and we encourage each other and we hate each other, we sometimes call out on one another, we shoot praise and […]

  • Medium updated publications with common sense features, touts them as powerful upgrades

    It’s so funny: a navigation bar! Links to stories! Use stories as static pages, wow! Writer profiles 🙂 And wow, check this out: Starting today, you’ll be able to customize the URL slug of your publication’s stories on Medium. Slugs serve as a strong signal in SEO, so you’ll be able to control what you optimize […]

  • So Holly Wood banned me. Does interactivity have such a high cost in 2016?

    When you get banned by the people you agree with you start thinking about your faith in humanity … I am reading her articles for as long as I am on Medium. There was a time when I was checking Medium, despite my anger on listicles, before users could be blocked, before the feed could be […]

  • Medium for the “reader” personna

    I don’t know about you, but one of the things I like best about Medium is not the writing, it is the reading. I mean, lets be honest, my most successful written stuff are random replies to posts and a drawing that Ev Williams recommended. Seriously, that was a laugh, because I have written a […]

  • Medium to WordPress in quirks mode

    I love Medium. I am afraid though that it is still a product in its infancy and that after all it is prone to the same issues haunting all social platforms: pollution and dilution of authority. Some people are “influencers” and some are “followers” and that’s that. Therefore i strongly believe that someone who really […]