What Is Management?

​First management is not a “business term”. Management is just a generic human activity, mainly: Management is any activity that creates empowerment But what is empowerment? Empowerment is the complex result of of ability, motivation, drive and action. Only when all four components are active, does empowerment start. There are four basic tenants of empowerment:Continue reading “What Is Management?”

Leader over population

Look at these: I am so tired of this leader versus manager, boss vs manager, leader vs boss differences. In fact there are none. I believe that those who make these comparisons don’t get the following: You can’t compare managers to leaders. Leadership is a function of management. So a manager is a leader, by default. NotContinue reading “Leader over population”

Deadline Dread

There are three types of deadlines: rational deadlines, abstract deadlines and real deadlines. Too often lately “agile” has become either an excuse or a “solution” for deadline phobia. Because things cannot be endlessly fiddled with, generally any stakeholder involved in the development process will, at some point, require something done in a certain timeframe. OneContinue reading “Deadline Dread”