Tag: Diversity

  • Your biases are awesome

    You should use them more Everybody hates poor biases. They have such a bad name for no reason at all. The Cartesian bully keeps pushing biases around every time they meet on the hallways of your mind. This has to stop. Biases are good. They help you be fast. They will help you a lot […]

  • Stereotyping 101

    Shower thought at work: Why do we need this to convey message? Is it cool still to use wide spread perceptions of profession, status or expected traits to market products? I think: iconizing human stereotypes is a bad practice. How do we encourage diversity if our inner representation of things are hammered again and again […]

  • I hate bacon, kill me.

    Lately i keep seeing articles like the one linked here. This idea that we developers like to promote, that its all havoc and mess (like this article itself is) does two things, perfectly well: keeps people off this industry as a career option makes everyone else think we’re simply lucky that the first ones want […]