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  • Why are taxes compulsory, but voting is voluntary?

    A democratic state has two things that make it or break it: common wealth and common will. Even communist states were self entitled democratic, people’s democracy meant that it was assumed that there was a common will. However, what is strange is that everybody cares about the money much more than about the beings. I […]

  • TIL: Nassim Taleb is a Trump supporter

    An idol has fallen and the thickness of disappointment is suffocating I live in the middle of nowhere so excuse my ignorance. I like mr. Taleb’s ideas a lot but his last article, The Intellectual Yet Idiot left me completely unimpressed, even more, a tad surprised that someone of his caliber could descend into such […]

  • Click to see which kind of normal you are

    Say, do you know the difference between: normality as defined by majority, and normality as defined by society? What is the difference between society and majority? Society is time bound. Majorities are interest bound. When you heard Obama say “on the wrong side of history” he was talking about society. When you hear Trump say […]