The uncanny problem with autonomous AI

P = NP is a simple and short notation for a problem that “asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer (NP) can also be quickly solved by a computer (P)”. P = NP means yes, P != NP means no. The golden rule is NP. A moral compass is P. The… Continue reading The uncanny problem with autonomous AI

Conscious machine

So there is this intelligent body and this consciousness that must somehow work together. The body doesn’t care much about its eventual expiration, it cares a lot about present integrity. The consciousness cares less about present integrity but is scared shitless of the incoming end. Intelligence is evolution at work. But consciousness is a side… Continue reading Conscious machine

Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

Unfortunately we don’t have direct knowledge on the first part, that is to say, I don’t have a direct knowledge of my own thinking because I am trapped in it. The moment my first thought appeared, it started to weave the layers of layers of personality, from the inside to the outside. I don’t know… Continue reading Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

Why you should be bored of this revolution

maybe I am not allowed to use this image … It is the time of doers. It’s gonna take a while for the age of thinkers to come again. Every success story today is more about accomplishing what we call “wealth creation”, and less about what we call “good creation”. Sure, maybe you are one who… Continue reading Why you should be bored of this revolution

What does being “alive” mean?

There has been a great deal of discussion about artificial intelligence and the potential dangers it poses to humans. Then there have been countless iterations of interpreting via stories moral lock downs such as robot rights, slave robots, artificial will and so on. But the main question regarding A.I. is when exactly does A.I. become… Continue reading What does being “alive” mean?

On awareness

Awareness has to proceed intelligence, if there’s no awareness there’s no intelligence even if the awareness comes from the observer. Someone Why so? Is a dog aware? How about a gold fish? Awareness, as I defined it, is the running “I don’t know”, that is the amount of uncertainty which accompanies the brain’s constant predictions.… Continue reading On awareness