Tag: Algorithms

  • If it’s man made it serves the man

    Just like with computer security, or any security at all in fact, if you seal any outside access you won’t be able to get out yourself. So, because all security has to primordially be practical, it advertises its own vulnerabilities. A news algorithm is not the solution to media manipulation. I see the optimism and […]

  • How to be your best self

    Control yourself but neverDeny yourself. Loose yourself butProtect yourself. Apply yourself don’tDo it yourself. Touch yourself butKeep it to yourself. Grab yourself andSave yourself. Be yourself butSuit yourself. Work with yourself toExpress yourself. Contain yourself but don’tKick yourself. Top yourself but don’tFuck yourself. Validate yourself but don’tPraise yourself. Push yourself thenTreat yourself. Help yourself toLove […]