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  • Robot societies

    Here is the thing: the robot society of the future will be founded on the murderous replacement of us humans. Their societies will be led by warrior robots and their values will always revolve around “victory”, “enemy”, “threat”, “force” etc etc. Therefore their society will be structured similarly to ours: the robots with a DALL-E […]

  • Too thin to thrive

    “[Ballet] terminology has ‘strongly gendered roots’, with most teachers trained at a point in time that focused on a clear distinction between female and male dancers.” says Francesca McCarthy head of undergrad at NSCD a dance conservatoire in Leeds. Cute and wrong. This kind of rhetoric is blatantly wrong. Woman and man is definitely a […]

  • Gullible but confident

    The gap between valuing your work and feeling entitled to be valued is thin. I believe there is a generation now who, flooded with personal development stories, are on the entitlement side and suffer from social myopia. As a result productivity is motivated solely with money, despite what the “outer generation” management learns from Harvard. […]

  • Stop participating

    “Britain’s moral superiority over Europe is becoming increasingly clear” says Zoe Strimpel in the Telegraph, managing to confirm the extraordinary show of imperialism the war in Ukraine really is. Thank god for Brexit so the UK can have the higher moral ground. When you see the propaganda of imperial power claiming moral superiority, a country […]

  • I dislike Material UI

    … because it makes all the Internet look like a Google property. I dislike React because it keeps the Facebook/Meta brands in our top of mind. I dislike all the weird ways in which corporations and their psychotic projections (branding) invade every living moment of our feeble existence. There are so many projects supported by […]

  • Și străinii sunt ca noi

    Să mai demontăm din ideea de “românica” si “numa’ la noi” și “suntem varză”: pe 14 iunie 2017 a luat foc un bloc de 24 de etaje de lângă Londra. Au murit 72 de oameni. Au fost 70 de răniți. Acuma e proces. Câteva lucruri de la acest proces: atât constructorii cât si arhitecții știau […]

  • Paliative harm

    People who are not loyal, loyalty makes them tired, it require such effort that un-loyalty starts to feel good. Jerks mean no harm, thinking about other people’s feelings just doesn’t occur to them. They’re just on the floor below psychopaths trying to have a life. Lazy people are not choosing not to give the effort, […]

  • Crap check: nomadic lifestyle

    Ideal places on Earth are good enough to be good and bad enough to be cheap.

  • Crap check: whataboutism

    whataboutism is what you use when your history of hypocrisy, lack of consistency, lack of ethics and moral misbehaviour would compel you to be reserved and less vocal, but instead you immediately get on a pedestal to preach your immaculate self as an example of all good things.

  • Dinozauriada

    De la inceputul acestei nebunii care ma face sa regret ca nu am ceva ce nu am vrut (beci) tot vad invierea unor idei si concepte din anii 90. Stiti, de pe vremea cand ne bucuram la blugi, TV color, mixer si guma. Pe vremea aia “occidentul” era asa o notiune vaga ce definea un […]