Category: Evolving

  • On awareness

    Awareness has to proceed intelligence, if there’s no awareness there’s no intelligence even if the awareness comes from the observer. Someone Why so? Is a dog aware? How about a gold fish? Awareness, as I defined it, is the running “I don’t know”, that is the amount of uncertainty which accompanies the brain’s constant predictions. […]

  • The funnel of change

    There is an invisible funnel that doses the amount of change that the entire humanity is allowed. It is invisible not because of magic technology, nor conspiracy or miracles. It is invisible because nobody put it in place, so nobody is aware of it. This funnel is a naturally occurring effect of the strong affinity […]

  • Your biases are awesome

    You should use them more Everybody hates poor biases. They have such a bad name for no reason at all. The Cartesian bully keeps pushing biases around every time they meet on the hallways of your mind. This has to stop. Biases are good. They help you be fast. They will help you a lot […]

  • The meaning of life

    The reason for our existence is to defeat time, in life’s eternal battle with it. Each death, from a random cell to a random human, is the victory of time in a small battle with life. There is only one goal in evolution: to develop time resilient beings. General intelligence is a defense mechanism against […]

  • Musings On Intelligence

    Of all the species of mammals that inhabit, at least for now, our marvelous planet, we seem to be the smarty pants of them all. Not only that we are capable of articulating long strings of information and also remember them, but, we have an ultra-complex social system and also a high amount of spontaneous […]