The Gentile-men of Guy Ritchie

I went to see the latest Guy Ritchie movie, The gentlemen, a movie about a white drug dealer, with a white no. 2, who tries to sell his, good intentions only, drug business of growing, harvesting, packaging, selling and distributing pot, a business with dozens of locations spread throughout the UK on the estates of bankrupt noble families.

There is a jew who, when he sees the opportunity, can’t resist and tries to screw the honest working white drug dealer, because jews in presence of money are like sharks in a fish tank. The jew is helped by folks who work for the Mosaad, and are now taking second careers into defending drug dealers and their associates because that’s the kind of agency the Mosaad is.

There is also a rapacious chinaman, who kills his father and can’t resist the charms of unspeakable beauty of the lead female protagonist, the jewish wife of the white drug dealer, our hero, and so he also tries to rape her.

There is also a vietnamese named Phuc. What a funny name. He is also very stupid, this vietnamese dude, literally jumping from a bridge in front of a train. Idiot.

There are a number of black people who are very physically fit and don’t do much other than being big black people inspiring fear in small while people.

There is also one black guy who needs to be explained racial slurs by his white coach, who is also taking care of him, because this black guy is prone to stealing and killing, but thank god for this white coach keeping him safe from his natural inclinations. He is also stupid, like the vietnamese guy, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, stealing drugs from the most feared drug overlord in UK, then posting his deed on the Internet.

This coach, by the way, is another golden-hearted violent white man, who kills on sight, but only because he has to, and who has no problem using his protegees to kidnap and pig rape, one of those white people we’re ashamed with, small and bumpy and interested in hurting the establishment for his own benefit. Gah!

Oh, also there is a gypsy who can only box properly and participate in robberies and other crimes. Oh, oh, and there are poor, coward, white trash all over the place, idiots, mostly deformed, small, sick white garbage, always in the way of the tall, well dressed, high IQ aryan heroes of the movie. Sheesh!

In the best scene of the movie, rich white adolescent people are admonished, as they should be, for their useless white liberal guilt which apparently makes them consume heroin, a great admonishment delivered by the very aryan looking actor supporting Matthew McConaughey, don’t know his name.

There is one gay sleazy pervert who is constantly outsmarted, because he likes booze too much and can’t concentrate being attracted to the straight very aryan looking actor supporting Matthew McConaughey. I really don’t know his name. This role of a no spine, no principles whore, but gay pervert of a private investigator is perfectly played by Hugh Grant, out of all the people.

The jew fails to destroy, with his jewish scheming, the white noble spirit of the honour system bound pot selling drug dealer and as a result, he loses his money and, be ready …: a pound of flesh! Jesus Crist, that’s exactly what one should do to these Shylocks stealing from white decent folk. Great movie.

The chinaman is shot with both bullets and disgrace as he is caught by the white hero trying to rape his amazingly strong, independent and beautiful wife. This wife is the other kind of jew, the one who dislikes jews as well, she’s married to the white hero after all.

The nobility is in ruins because of the too damn high inheritance taxes in the UK. Top that with the dirty and ugly commoner judging them for skiing in the Alps. Terrible life. Their kids die of either heroin abuse or … mismanagement of addiction. Or they are collateral victims.

Oh and hey, russians are mindless brutes.


I am one who takes pleasure in reading and listening to Jordan Peterson. I do. He’s very persuasive. But how did Guy Ritchie manage to get all these rich, famous and important movie industry peoples into this movie? Jordan Peterson, with his alt-right teenage following, has nothing on Guy Ritchie and his grown-up rich, color, race and class blind following.