The Robot Tax Is Not Gonna Save Your Job

Because big companies will afford the robot tax, and will get tax breaks and tax brackets, and will fake jobs to get the breaks and into the brackets, and will lobby for conservative tax on robots, and will lobby for a jungle of legal ways to classify robots to be in certain tax classes, and will hide robots, and will make manually operated robots whose manual operation consists of pushing two buttons just to get away tax free.

That is what incorporated persons do because they are based on sociopathic values, it is a natural result of their existence.

Our problem is not accepting the natural results of our existence.

Your job is gone. Unless the Trumputin really drops the ball on the world and fucks up the planet, the world is set for a future filled with robots doing things and AI solving problems.

Human creativity and human emotion are the only safe places to put career prospects into … if you are one year old. But if you are one year old, you are not reading this, right?. If you are reading this you should not worry about robots too soon, but do take care of not making your child a truck driver or a factory worker. There will be no more factory workers pretty soon. Truck drivers will lose all the benefits which make the job interesting today. There will be truck drivers in the near future, but they will will probably not drive much.

What, are you scared of Amazon Go? I am not. In fact I say: thank God for it, we should have it everywhere. But what about all those cashier people? Well, they’re out. And yes this is a good thing.


Because nobody should do all these jobs robots are taking over. Nobody. These are tombs of the mind jobs. And these low level jobs of moving matter from left to right are being used by politicians to throw people bread loafs from their golden chariots.

I don’t want “jobs”. I want a high quality life experience.

A high quality life experience, that is what politics should create, not jobs. People create jobs, not economists, nor parliaments. If robots will take care of all the labor ever invented, rest assured there will be just as many new jobs in places where we can’t even see today.

That is how it has always happened.

All technological revolutions upgraded society at all levels.

Here is another idea which this time politics not people should solve:

Make people spend their money.

I don’t want to tax the rich. I want them to spend their money. Mandatory spending.

It is not new. It has been tried at small scale with great success.

So you have more than some amount which is based on some averages calculated by some official statistics? You have some amount of time to spend it.

I don’t even care how you spend it. Let there be hundreds of Bill and Melinda, provided you actually spend, not fake trust funds. I also don’t care if you are a real person or an incorporated person. If you’re sitting on wealth you need to start digging.

That’s how you get free services, instead of basic income. “Tax to free money” is a recipe for some weird economics. Basic income is again set on the failed assumption that economic agents are rational and acting on their own self interest. That is not true folks.

But “mandatory wealth spending to free services” is set not on a false assumption but on a common goal: greater good society.

People create jobs. People want more. People hustle. People party. People dream. People change their minds. People have existential moments. People live. We need to stop managing what happens anyway without any management required.

What do you think? Should governments enforce wealth spending?