Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from his humanity

Survival is instinctive but humanity is optional. Some people opt out of it.

I Milo Hanrahan quit from this whole “human” blusshit fulltime job!

If a fascist regime actually happens and mr. Hanrahan (I wonder, considering his opinions, why didn’t he stick with his birth assigned name) … anyway … if mr. Milo Hanrahan gets persecuted for being a faggot, he will not feel bad. Well, aside from the physical pain, which will definitely make him feel horrible. I mean emotionally. Inside, he let go a long time ago, there is nothing to touch, nothing to tear. Just void, the void of human resignation from its humanity.

Liberals make these people exist in the collective consciousness. They do it by digging them out of the dark corners of the Internet and picking their best to confront them.


In the days of the Roman Empire gladiators didn’t fight buffoons! Buffoons were fed to hungry lions for telling bad OR distasteful jokes. Why, I wonder, then are today’s civilized gladiator folk so inclined to intellectually challenge people who obviously want to obliterate their own intellect?

Why do I see high standing cultured feminists debating philosophy with this dude who has no will invested into the debate? Why do I see smart cultured liberals in shows debating universal values with this randomness incarnate who has no move outside the idiotic script of radical frank faggot? Why do vertical people intellectually challenge a buffoon who plays a faggot?

Yes, I also happen to have found the belief that Milo is a fake faggot, not a dangerous one. Being a faggot is not about the pleasures of the asshole, it is about identity and Milo has lost any trace of an identity, like all buffoons must do to survive their suicidal instincts.

Survival is instinctive but humanity is optional, so some people opt out of it. Buffoons were people whose lives depended on lowering themselves to the complete bottoms of dignity. Doing this leads one to lose any sense of meaning and without meaning they just want to see the world burn. In fact the biggest problem with conservatives is that they want to see the world burn faster than their ideas are challenged or updated. And this is also the problem with many Bernie supporters which are just as conservative as square headed libertarians.

Liberals! Stop inviting people who work to find meaning, to be challenged by buffoons. That is an exercise in futility.

That is what got trump elected, noticing null humans. Noticing and giving them air time on channels which should empower the liberal base. These buffoons will discourage and drain the energies of folk who actually do good. Oh, and if your liberal universalist soul is outraged by calling names and disconsidering human beings by assigning them a null value, then I welcome you to the kingdom of buffoons, don’t forget to write!

Think about it before being outraged.

Outrage is power because power is an action, not a state. Why waste it on subjects that lack any serious meaning? There is no meaning in applying yourself for harming humans in large groups, it is merely psychopathy. That needs meds not debate.

Humans with null value have null social effect. Milo is not a negative creator. You’d be wrong to think so because you’ll fall right back into the trap of his fake faggotry. Mr. Bannon is a negative human, because he has belief and depth and does not require a fake personality to prey upon people. He does it strategically. Milo is a null human, stop noticing him.

So media people, if you really are journalists, stop inviting fake opposition to squander the effort and dedication of smart, quality people. Stop writing about every move of null humans. You know, in Berkeley they should have let him attend an empty hall, try that next time: book the hall, no protest, show up, but make friends outside instead.

Turn your backs, after all we liberals know how to do this turning our back move, having so much practice doing it on the uneducated conservatives for decades. The funny thing is that we’re trying to turn our backs to them as we speak, except that now they got us by the balls, and God that hurts.

That is the truth and I expect you to be realistic and acknowledge it.