Romania the secret service playground

A river of light made of two hundred thousand people in Bucharest. For larger countries this might seem a flashmob, for Romania it is a civic force. In a country stolen from its people, the existence of civic spirit is a miracle. Nobody believes it.

A country stolen from its people

In this country the secret services will soon be out of people to spy on.

There is the romanian SRI, then the american CIA and of course the russian FSB. There is a huge dubious underground system of subversiveness, basically a big hungry hyena waiting to take a bite out of any real human endeavor.

To be always ready, always prepared, to predict with more and more accuracy local social trends the SRI recruits blindly. There are people who came out as recruited spies, which were meant to be cover agents for internal Romanian issues, who are so simple, plain, unspectacular that you wonder in awe what kind of possible great service were they offering to be given all the cool gadgets of spies — … wait there weren’t gadgets, there were sacks of money, and immunity from the law.

To control the NATO presence, to make sure this land of vampires and other mystical shit legends is able to guard the “shield” of rockets stuck in Putin’s ass, which lay peacefully on Romanian soil, thank god for that, the CIA recruited every single person who was in a position to be recruited. I think they recruited even the ones already on SRI’s tab. Then they moved american style to the administration, you know, the the old “let us bring democracy to you” style.

To fuck with the americans and erode the soil beneath those rockets, the FSB floods Romania with cash. The russian style recruitment is a constant stream of resources (money) to everyone not vulnerable to the CIA yet and free enough from the SRI. Once you take the money, you’re in.

I have no idea if this is true, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to catch the drift in Romania, the maneuvers are obvious all the way. It is as if nothing in this country happens without unknown forces mixed in the process.

The result however is a disaster. A society infested with spies makes politics close to inexplicable. Suicidal attitudes towards voters, vanishing legal actions, sudden course changes that spill everything on the table, these all are giving the people a terrible fatigue, a renunciation of their participation as citizens.

The SRI’s actions make business unpredictable. The CIA’s actions make the media ultra biased. The FSB’s actions make influent people seem possessed by the devil. All these services create a super annoying mayhem of a society, like zombie commercial media outlets that make you wonder how come they still exist without any advertising or fabricated influencers given sudden and large communication space.

Everywhere on Earth the existence and actions of secret services create a wide social deathclaw of powerlessness.

But over here, it drains out faith.

Resistance is the sacrificed existence

After our revolution happened, like the rest of our communist sister countries there was a transition period. The grownups of those days were called the sacrificed generation.

In the El Dorado which ex socialist countries were for capital owners, so common in those days because of the huge legal void, common folk suffered the most. A generation was sacrificed at the altar of lacking opportunities. You just couldn’t do anything. Huge money sucking machines, huge state sponsored and endorsed ponzi schemes, weak amateur politicians facing strong ex communist influence wielding mafia, all had the country in dirt for fourteen years.

Today I observe the sacrificed existence.

This generation has all the opportunities. We can travel, we can move out of the country, we can risk and seize our luck, we can claim our identity (at least a lot better than our parents) but yet we choose not to. I am not even sure I am part of this “we”, a large group of the country’s youth, inside and outside of the borders, who believes it is a worthy investment of their time to resist.

To resist instead of to exist is a hard choice.

To resist. To not emigrate. To not steal. To not bribe. To not be violent. To resist ourselves while our most basic instincts yell outraged “quit!”.

The civic spirit or the civic ghost

The main effect of the recent spawn of civic involvement is the bewilderment of our politicians. Main claim: it is all fake.

While in other countries people manifest their anger against surges of fascism, of racism, of restoration in terms of universalities, in our country we’re freezing our buts to yell the anger against the restoration of legislated theft. If that doesn’t make one feel like a second class citizen of the world, I don’t know what does.

Nobody has time here for high intellectual aims.

The high pitched desire of Russia to destabilize our society, the low key plotting of the US to create a dependable society, the siren song of the EU luring the change makers, the quiet conducting of our local secret forces to maintain a heavy and bloated status quo, this orchestrated chaos which is still civil, is, I think, the seal of a 2nd world.

What we get is encouraging foreign press, well meaning people, support from the strategic partners, which are vocal, open and loud about their expectations. But the cold is still piercing and the power seized by the bad guys squeezes us on the pavement, harder and harder.

Let me show you this again:

Men, women, children and pets. The FSB, according to CIA speculation, launched the rumor factory and those guys have a sense of humor: Soros pays 3 euros for every pet, 10 euros for every child and 30 euros for every grown up. There is a fortune in that photo above.

A fortune of will and hope, both of which are toys for folk trained to play with them for material and immediate goals. They’ll use hope to dilute will in standard manual fashion.

But I am just Random Joe of the Internets writing flaming material filled with speculation and unprovable affirmation.

What do I know.

My limits and my determination.