Discriminating against stupidity

Almost all predisposition to ignorance is formed in the childhood. Sometimes ignorance is chosen in adulthood. It can be cut off at the source only by great collective effort, which first effort is to acknowledge it exists and that it acts by dragging humanity down. Then by targeting and active action against those who disseminate ignorance as a solution to life to those predisposed.

Any politician who by demagogy caters to stupidity has permanent vicious collective wrath against them. But there are armies of malevolent people who are not politicians, who are not ignorant, but instead use and train simpleton folk to cater to their own personal agenda.

Stupidity and ignorance are not directly tied to education or intellectual endeavors. I don’t think every single human is cut from the same cloth, we’re diverse and our intelligence is diverse, but our curiosity is defining. Bubbles work for those who take comfort in their bubble.

If we start to actively discriminate against stupidity we create a platform for:

  • commercial withdrawal from supporting ignorance disseminators
  • lack of mass distribution access for ignorance disseminators
  • bar decisional positions from those who count ignorance as belief
  • encourage incoming generations to aim for curiosity, individuality and shared knowledge

And so on.

More discrimination of any kind is not the answer.

Sometimes it is: when you are under threat. Like some article here explained alt right for example is a doomsday cult. It’s stretch but not that wide, those people fear for their existence. So should we. There is a reason they keep calling it “the restoration”.

Stupidity is ok to be discriminated against because it can be overcome. Ignorance is ok to be feared because it is dangerous for everyone.