Is it better to be on a beach dreaming of having a career or have a career dreaming of being on a beach

I don’t know what is generally better. I tend to feel this is true:

“I grew up with the sea, and poverty for me was sumptuous; then I lost the sea and found all luxuries grey and poverty unbearable.”, A. Camus

… and therefore I’d pick the beach if say God, err Morgan Freeman, would make me snap my fingers for a choice.

Because one other thing I grew to believe in more and more is:

The power of never

Fuck the power of now. Now is fleeting. YOLO is crap. IRL never is what counts. Never is forever. Therefore, I ask myself:

What if I’ll never be on a beach?

What if I’ll never continue my career?

Never is forever. I choose the beach.

The power of never is that it really shows some, including me, what they’re made of. Pick something. Pick one thing that makes you undecided, say, pick some [thing] out of the pile of postponed stuff.

Throw the something in the hollow gloom of never by asking:

What if I’ll never have [thing]? Ask it several times and makes sure to bold that never in your thoughts.

How do you feel? Do your feet get cold? Not a sign. Do your fingers itch. Maybe a sign. Does your heart stop? Big sign! Apparently [thing] is an ingredient of your custom recipe for happiness.

The power of never is that it reveals from the spices of life those that are part of the recipe for happiness which only you can prepare, and only you can enjoy.