I love climate change.

I love climate change. I also fear it. I fear its cause, more than it itself. Greediness. But, I loved my snow free holidays. I live in the middle of this giant nowhere, where the wind sweeps all hope away. When instead of hope, I get snow, man are these the hard days. But when there is some faint sun in the sky and a few of the roses in my garden are tricked into thinking spring is around the corner, my nowhere becomes habitable.

I loved not having to shovel tons of snow away for a mere task such as taking out the trash. Why do you live there, you may ask, and I’ll angrily and hastily reply: because of bad decisions. But, hey, the planet is on my side.

Ever since I was a young kid I’ve always wanted to live in a sunny, all year long summer, place. I failed to achieve that. I am stuck a few miles more south than the place I dreamed my escape from. My life has been more bad ass than Alcatraz. I did dig the tunnel, I did swim the ocean, but I only got on some other, close by, island. It is indeed better. Better food, much more space. But damn it, I was aiming for the mainland